Web design services

The difference between the Happy Bits experience and another company is the attention to quality service, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions. We have loyal customers because we first offer our commitment to their business and organizational goals. Your success is just as important to us as it is to you.

Learn more about our strategic design process. If you’re ready to get in touch, provide us with basic information on the project to get a free estimate.

Steps to our creative and strategic design process


Discovery Phase

Our conversations at the beginning of the process are most impactful to the end product. This is where we will dream up the ideal website for you by capturing the essence of your brand. We take time in this phase to draft a project scope that is comprehensive and adapted to the goals of the project. Some key points to keep in mind are:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Determining the competition in the field
  • Current trends
  • Determining issues with the existing website
  • And many other factors

One of the necessary conversations during the Discovery Phase is to discuss anticipated costs for the project. Sometimes, limited budgets have led website projects to seek out cheap or free options. Such an out-of-the-box style of website design will generate a website experience comparable to wearing an off-the-rack shirt that everyone seems to be wearing at the same time. The lack of uniqueness to your website will miss the opportunities to etch the website experience into the target audience’s minds. It can also be limiting to the functionality required to achieve your goals.


Development of Work Plan Phase

Here is where we will discuss strategies to accomplish the goals for your new or renewed website.

Depending on where we start the project, there will be necessary steps to prepare the foundation for a successful project. As much as we hope to honour the work invested into your current website, sometimes it is better to start from a blank canvas. We will retain and export all desired content, migrating them onto the new website. Our task is to ensure, while looking refreshed and redesigned, the essence of your message continues to shine.


Design Phase

This is where creativity meets technology. 

Having taken a comprehensive assessment of the needs and desires for the website project, now is the time to strategize how the dream will become a reality. Every project should have a good beginning.

Website design is not any different. 

Beginning with mockups and colour schemes and moving onto the homepage design and page templates, you will start to see the project materialize. Using a development site, you will have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the shaping and fine-tuning of the design process. 

Feedback from clients has said that they often did not realize most of the work in designing and building a website is to generate good content. While it is the job of the client to provide the relevant content for each of the pages, let Happy Bits take care of the following:

  • sections and landing pages
  • multifunctional, automated forms
  • e-commerce areas
  • overall website style guide
  • mobile-friendly, speed-optimized design for optimal display on major smartphones and tablets
  • accessibility to let you reach a wider audience

Let me highlight the importance of the mobile-friendly design aspect of the Design Phase. Many of us browse and search on our mobile devices rather than on a desktop computer. One of the essential aspects of user experience is creating a dynamic and adaptable website to the device display being used. We use an extensive testing process to ensure various devices can access your website without distorted or jumbled texts and images. With care, your website will remain with clarity, style, and professionalism.

The functionality of a WordPress website depends significantly on the quality of the plugins used, and we do not choose based on price only. We use professional premium plugins and themes from trusted developers to power your website. Plugins can offer functions such as booking appointments, publishing calendars, processing payments, newsletter campaigns, purchase forms and integration with external systems.


Testing Phase

We want to ensure communication is open between ourselves and the clients, so we have frequent audits for performance, accessibility, and visual experiences to keep on track with our design plan and scope of work. These checking-in processes will help us adjust the work scope when new issues arise. 

Minor adjustments are better than major undertakings.


Launch & Maintenance Phase

You may worry about the maintenance of a website with a diversity of tools and designs. 

No need to worry. We will support you bit by bit.

Once the website design phase is complete, the testing phase should reveal areas for adjustments. We will ensure that the site has been adequately set up with Google and Microsoft Bing search engines support before and after launch.

We continue to support you through personalized training in-person or live via videoconference. High-quality videos stored on the website allow you and your team to refresh and re-watch tutorials on particular tasks. More complex tasks will be better served by signing up for a care plan with Happy Bits. Happy Bits offers care plans that are like a hug for your website. Read more about Care Plans.